A good day for consumers


On this very first day of the Swedish EU presidency, there has been a lot of improvements for consumers across Europe.

Starting 1 July, prices on sending SMS and web surf will be drastically reduced for anyone using a mobile phone in another Member State. The competition on the internal market has not worked well in this case, and that’s why we really need common regulations.

I am also glad that we won’t have to pay a 14 per cent import duty for multi-functional mobile phones imported to the European Union. They will still be defined as mobile phones even with a GPS or a MP3-player integrated.

As from today, we can also buy ‘crooked’ cucumbers. Few consumers have experienced that crooked cucumbers constitute a true cross-border problem. I am therefore delighted that this famous regulation, that has been the very symbol of euroscepticism in many countries, has finally been removed.

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