Lunch at sea


Later today, I will host a lunch for European media correspondents on board M/S Gustafsberg VII. This old steamer will take us on a trip through the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm. Lars-Erik Liljelund, Adviser to the Prime Minister on climate issues, will also participate.

We will be discussing two important priorities for the Swedish EU Presidency: I will speak about the EU Baltic Sea Strategy and Lars-Erik about the work to fight climate change – not least in light of the preparations for the international climate conference ‘COP15’ in Copenhagen in December.

The countries around the Baltic Sea are facing a number of common challenges. One of these is how we are to manage the urgent, serious environmental problems of the Baltic Sea. Another one is how we can transform the Baltic Sea region into a stronger engine for growth and development.

The Presidency will develop regional cooperation in the EU with the Baltic Sea states as a pilot area. By applying common EU regulations more effectively and in a uniform manner, the environment will be improved and the competitiveness of the region strengthened. The Presidency’s objective is to adopt a strategy for the Baltic Sea region at the European Council in October.

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