Inauguration festivities in Brussels


DSC_1616After President Sarkozy’s visit yesterday, I flew directly to Brussels for a second inauguration ceremony of the Presidency. This was a somewhat different event than the one in Stockholm on Wednesday. Organised by the Swedish Embassy in cooperation with the Centre Culturel de Flagey and the Brussels Film Festival, it was a public event in the new heart of Brussels at the renovated Place Flagey. It was a great feeling being there, at the crossroads of African, Chinese, Portuguese and Brussels tradition – a meeting point for people all over the world.

From the scene we could enjoy songs and music by Sofia Jannok, Wendy Mcneill and the Soundtracks of our Lives from my hometown Goteborg. The square was full of people and the summer evening was almost magic. Later in the night, as I left the square, I saw hundreds of people sitting on the ground looking at a giant screen showing the movie “Together” by Swedish director Lukas Moodysson.

During the rest of the year, Belgium will be flooded by Swedish music, arts, film and literature. Jazz bands at Flagey, the Baltic Sea Festival moving from Stockholm to Brussels, and the Visual Voltage design exhibition at Design Vlaanderen are just a few examples.

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