A step forward towards a global climate deal


At the meeting in the Italian town of L’Aquila, the world’s most developed economies in the G8 yesterday agreed to cut CO2 emissions by as much as 80 per cent until the year 2050. In the conclusions of the meeting, G8 leaders have also agreed to stand by the goal of a maximum 2 degree increase in mean temperature.

I dare to say that this agreement, and especially the fact that the US administration is also on board, must be considered as a significant step forward towards reaching a binding deal in December.

Successful negotiations running up to the Copenhagen summit is an absolute top priority for the Swedish presidency. However, in order to conclude a global agreement, we also need growing economies – such as India and China – to come forward with stronger national efforts as a part of an international agreement. As president of the European Union, Sweden will continue pursue a proactive dialogue with all parties involved in order to reach a deal in Copenhagen. It’s definitely a challenge, but finding a solution to climate change is no doubt the greatest task of this generation.

The economic crisis, and in particular the issue of exit strategies, was also on the G8 agenda. So far, there is no agreement on common solutions in this field, but discussions will continue in the coming days.

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