The logo – symbolising the Swedish light


We receive a lot of questions and comments about our blue-and-yellow logo. That’s good! It is of course up to everyone to interpret and associate freely – only your own imagination can set the limits.

I see it as the globe reflecting the different expressions of light that are so typical of our country. Sweden takes up the presidency around the summer solstice, when the midnight sun shines all night long, especially in the Northern parts of the country. It will end just after Saint Lucia’s day, a winter festivity brightened with candles in a time when snow and the Northern light help breaking up the darkness.

Light also has a symbolic meaning that fits with our ambitions for Europe. Bringing to light associates to openess and transparency. To shed light means to convey knowledge and information. One of the goals for Sweden is to have an open presidency, paving the way for a transparent Europe that is accessible to its citizens.

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