Presenting Program in Parliament


Yesterday was an important day in the European Parliament. Having elected their new President and vice-president, the newly elected Members of Parliament, MEPs, were ready to debate. I particularly welcome the election of Mr Jerzy Buzek as new president of the European Parliament. Five years after the successful enlargement of the EU it was high time for a representative of a new member states to be elected to such an important post. Mr Buzek was active in the Polish Solidarity movement and also is a former Prime Minister. He will be an excellent Speaker.

The new Parliament is really new, almost 60% of the MEPs are new and the parliament has more women then ever. With the Lisbon Treaty the parliament will also have more influence than before.

After having listen to Mr Fischer, the Czech PM, summarizing the Czech presidency, it was time for Prime Minister Reinfeldt to present the Swedish priorities. He started with an ideological exposé of Sweden’s long trip from a hesitant member to an active European partner, with the ambition to be at the heart of European cooperation. He then outlined our priorities and a long session of comments and questions followed. It was a good debate, the first in this capacity but certainly not the last. The Prime Minister, as well as other ministers and not least myself, will spend a lot of time in the European parliament. Right after the summer break we hope we can go on withy the urgent business where we need to cooperate, for instance on handling the economic crisis and the climate issue.

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