Historic day for Iceland


islandAs the Icelandic flag hang along with the Swedish and European ones, the Icelandic minister of foreign affairs today formally handed over the Icelandic application for membership in the European union. It was done in a ceremony in Stockkholm and Carl Bildt accepted it on behalf of the Presidency. It is surely a historic day.

We will now bring the application to the General Affairs Council in Brussels on monday with the intention to get an agreement to send it to the Commission for an avis.

Iceland allready fulfils lot of the Copenhagen criterias. It is an old democracy, the national Parliament, Alltinget, is more than 1000 years old. By being part of the European Economic Sphere, Iceland is allready a part of the internal market. However, all candidate countries most be treated equally and the processes and formalities most be followed rigourously. Iceland will have to negociate like everybody else. But all that is for later. Today, for Icelanders, and for us, it is a day of celebration.

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