Frying herring, discussing Europe


The Presidency is a unique chance to make this country’s rich culture known to the rest of Europe. A part of this is Swedish cooking. Participants at the official meetings during the presidency will be served climate-smart, organic food.

”Live Food” is a series of exciting events focusing on Swedish food, with Danish chef Rune Kalf-Hansen cooking and discussing with guests on current issues related to climate, ecology and the future of Europe.

Cecilia Malmström and Renata ChlumskaTonight at Kulturhuset, the Stockholm Culture Centre, I will be frying Baltic herring on stage together with Kalf-Hansen and Renata Chlumska, of the world’s top adventurers and the first Swedish woman to climb Mount Everest. The topic for tonight’s gathering is the EU Baltic Sea Strategy and how to increase cooperation in the region.

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