Barroso on Europe in 2020


Today Commission President José Manuel Barroso presented his vision for Europe. The programme has been sent to the European Parliament and will play an important role next week, as Mr Barroso meets with all the political groups in the EP. The groups will thereafter decide on when and how to vote on Mr Barroso’s candidature for the next five years.

It is natural that there is a dialogue between the nominated President and the Parliament, but as a friend of the communitarian method, I believe very strongly in the principle of independence of the European institutions. This is also clearly expressed in the Treaties. It is not for the EP at this stage to urge for amendments and specifications in a Commission programme before the President has been elected. The Work Programme will later be presented to the EP by the President and his team of Commissioners.

The programme in itself is long and covers most areas. But it has an ambitious point of departure and it is easy to agree with Mr Barroso, when he tries to outline his vision of Europe in 2020.

He advocates a large number of ideas covering everything from a renewed strategy for jobs and growth to energy efficiency, better crisis management, climate, migration and communication with the citizens. It is clear that we need to cooperate even closer in these areas if we want Europe to be a relevant actor in a globalised world.

I hope that the European Parliament will confirm Mr Barroso, as the candidate unanimously nominated by the Council, so that we can start to discuss the concrete policy issues needed to make our visons for Europe in 2020 come true.


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