In discussions with Parliament’s Speaker


I have just come back from talks with Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament. Mr Buzek, who is former Polish Prime Minister and has a long history in the anti-communist movement in the 80’s, was elected Parliament’s new president in July, and is the first person from one of the new Member States in this position.

Our discussions have touched on key items on the European agenda, like climate negotiations and the unemployment situation. We have also talked informally about issues where Council and Parliament need to agree in order to secure a smooth transfer, should the Lisbon Treaty enter into force later this autumn.

Many of these issues may sound bureaucratic, but also very technical details can sometimes be very important. One example is how to ensure Parliament’s say in legislative acts that are still in the process, but where Parliament’s powers will increase with the new Treaty. Another such issue is that we need to prepare decisions for the 18 additional MEP’s foreseen in the Lisbon Treaty to be able to take office as soon as possible.

On a more political note, we also discussed how Council and Parliament can establish a dialogue on the EU’s new External Action Service and how to move on with the appointment of a new Commission.

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