Barroso grilled by the European Parliament


Today Commission President José Manuel Barroso gave an important speech in the European Parliament, which is to vote tomorrow. He presented a broad agenda for a new partnership between the Commission and the European Parliament to deal with the big challenges Europe is facing. Among the novelties were the will to create three new portfolios in the Commission:

– Fundamental rights and civil liberties
– Climate action
– Internal affairs and migration.

Sounds like a good idea.

Barroso also mentioned a few issues that are controversial in the European Parliament as well as in the Council. These include the Working Time Directive, the budget and the Posting of Workers Directive. These issues will certainly be lively discussed the coming five years.

Barroso concluded his speech by talking about the European values and the need of a strong EU that can deliever on results. He is quite right about that and I hope that the European Parliament will nominate Mr. Barroso tomorrow, thereby confirming the unanimous nomination he got from the 27 Member States.

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