Mr. Barroso approved by large Parliament majority


With 382 votes in favour and 219 against, the European Parliament minutes ago decided to approve the Council’s unanimous nomination of José Manuel Barroso for a second term as President of the Commission. Backed by an absolute “Lisbon” majority in Parliament, he has been given a clear five-year mandate. I personally congratulated Mr. Barroso on behalf of the Presidency and the Council, following the vote in plenary.

A number of important and complex issues are set to dominate the European agenda for the coming years, and this is why today’s approval of Mr. Barroso is so important. Europe needs to move forward in playing a leading role in global climate negotiations, speed up the economic recovery and create better conditions for new jobs to emerge. A Commission with a clear mandate is necessary for this to be done. Yesterday’s debate in the European Parliament showed that expectations on Mr. Barroso and the new Commission to deliver are very high.

President Barroso’s fírst task now is to start preparing a for new college of Commissioners to be subject to hearings and approval by the European Parliament later this autumn. This will be done in cooperation with the Swedish Presidency.

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