High level discussions on the Baltic Sea Strategy


After months of preparation the conference on the Baltic Sea region and macro regional strategies finally took place today in the Stockholm City Hall.

Photographer: Gunnar SeijboldThe purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Baltic Sea Strategy as a pilot project for ‘macro-regional strategies’. Macro regional strategies is a new way of working. The idea is that neighbouring countries faced with similar challenges should make more efficient use of existing EU-programmes and structures by working closer together. For example the Danube region has declared that they will adopt their own strategy.

The strategy relies on the political will of the Member States. The conference meant an opportunity for the eight Baltic Sea States to show their commitment to the strategy, and their readiness to quickly start implementing projects. During the conference a joint statement was made to manifest this.

The Baltic Sea Strategy is a top priority of the Swedish Presidency. Our clear ambition is that the strategy will be adopted at the European Council 29-30 October. This will would enable us to get projects started already during the Swedish Presidency.

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