Will liberals be leading German EU policy?


Two new governments will be formed following yesterday’s elections in Portugal and Germany. In Portugal, José Socrates’ Socialist Party lost its parliamentary majority and will have to seek support from other parties to form a new government.

In Germany, the grand coalition of CDU and SDP will be replaced by a centre-right government of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and Guido Westerwelle’s liberals. The government portfolios are yet to be divided between the parties.

As a liberal, I am of course particularly happy that the liberal Free Democrats will enter government with their best election result ever. The party has a genuinely federalist agenda for Europe, which I am sure will contribute to a constructive German EU policy also for the coming years. The reform-oriented line the party is taking on the future of the EU budget, being close to that of the Swedish Presidency, is particularly worth mentioning, as well as the strong emphasis on civil liberties.

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