Czech senators file complaints


While the whole of Europe is waiting for the results of the referendum in Ireland, this Tuesday 17 Czech senators filed a complaint to the Czech Constitutional Court on the Lisbon Treaty, asking the Court to examine whether the Czech constitution is in compliance with the national constitution. This has already been examined by the Court, but the new complaint is wider. The Court will now need 2-3 weeks to check whether the complaint meets formal requirements, before it takes a decision to either to reject it or to accept it and do a further examination.

The clock is ticking if we want to achieve what all member states have agreed to work towards, that is the impementation of the Lisbon Traty before the end of the year. Both chambers in the Czech Republic have ratified the Lisbon Treaty. If the unclarity regarding the Treaty remains, we might have to appoint a new commision under the Nice Treaty regulations, even if the Irish vote yes tomorrow.

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