How can we avoid a future crisis?


The Finance Ministers from all Member States have been gathering in Göteborg. Chaired by Minister of Finance Anders Borg and the Minister for Financial Markets, Mats Odell, they have been discussing highly topical issues. I am carefully optimistic that we have seen the worst part of the crisis is now behind us, and this make it possible to raise the eyes and discuss structural forward-looking measures. How can we restore balance in national budgets? What should be done in order to avoid persistent unemployment? And how can the fiscal framework be improved so that we avoid a financial crisis in the future?

The fourth issue is about the Swedish Presidency’s other main priority, climate change, and more specifically funding for international climate action. While ministers have been meeting in Göteborg, UN climate negotiations at technical level have started in Bangkok. We hear some positive signs from there, but we really need to speed up negotiations to actually reach a global in Copenhagen.

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