Congratulations Ireland, Congratulations Europe!


All reports point at a clear yes to the Lisbon Treaty in yesterday’s referendum in Ireland. The official result has not yet been published, but preliminary results show around 60 % yes votes. The turnout also seems to be considerably higher than last time. Definite figures and result will come later today.

The fact that the Irish have now approved the Lisbon Treaty is very positive for the entire European Union. Yesterday’s clear yes victory means that EU will become more effective than today, and that the Union will become more transparent and democratic. Getting the new Treaty in place is necessary if the Union is to contribute to solving the climate issue, create conditions for new jobs to emerge, fight organised crime and become a better actor in foreign policy.

A couple of processes are yet to be completed for the Lisbon Treaty to enter into force:
the constitutional court in the Czech Republic is to give a green light to the Treaty. We still don’t know how long this process will take. The Czech and Polish presidents will also have to sign.

Hopefully all this will happen soon, in order for the Treaty to come into force as soon as possible. Until then, the Swedish Presidency will lead the work to have the necessary decisions taken in order for the Treaty to work in practice. The first task is off course to work for a new Commisison to be presented to the European parliament for approval.

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