After the Irish yes – what will now happen?


This afternoon, MEP’s will be gathering for a mini-session in Brussels. The issue dominating the agenda is a debate on the Irish referendum and the next steps to be taken for the Lisbon Treaty to enter into force.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt will be representing the Council in the debate, which of course attracts specific attention. I’m sure we can expect a lot of questions from Members on the appointment of the new Commission. Should we proceed according to the rules in the Nice Treaty, or should we appoint a “Lisbon Commission”, where all Member States will still have a Commissioner?

It’s still too early to answer this question. First, we need to get a clear message from the Czech Republic on the timetable for the current process in the Constitutional Court and the ratification. I will be going to Prague tonight to meet with Czech Prime Minister Fischer and, the Speaker of the Czech parliament and representatives of the parties. I hope that I will return home with a clearer assessment of the situation.

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