A busy week for the Swedish Presidency


We have a busy week ahead of us in the Swedish Presidency. Today and tomorrow, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meet in Luxembourg. This morning, the situation in the milk market has been discussed, but GMOs and fishing quotas in the Baltic Sea are also on the agenda.

On Tuesday, the finance ministers gather to prepare for the upcoming meetings of the European Council and the G20. Among others, they will discuss the issue of how we are to finance action on climate change. As readers of this blog may know, I have previously adressed the issue of who is to pay.

Climate change will also be up for discussion when the environmental ministers meet on Wednesday. A strong leadership from the EU is well needed, but it is a long road to Copenhagen.

For my part, I am heading to Strasbourg tomorrow and Wednesday for the meeting of the European Parliament. I will participate in debates on the relations between the USA and the EU, the democracy dimension in the EU foreign policy and the new European external action service. On wednesday morning there will be a long debate on the upcoming European Council the 29th and 30th of october. That will be a full and busy European Council with decisions on climate, financial supervision and the Baltic Sea Strategy. We are still waiting for clarifications from Prague before we can say what type of institutional decisions can me made.

And at the end of the week, the European Development Days will be taking place in Stockholm, starting Thursday, while the ministers for justice will discuss a proposed EU agency for migration on Friday.

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