Parliament supports Swedish climate ambitions


© European ParliamentThis morning, I debated the upcoming European Council agenda in the European Parliament. Heads of State and Government will convene in Brussels next Thursday with a heavy agenda. Climate negotiations, further EU response to the economic crisis, energy security and migration issues will all be dealt with during the two-day meeting. Depending on the developments in the Czech Republic, institutional issues will also be part of the agenda.

Climate issues will need to be substantially discussed at the Council, and I am happy that all parliamentary groups expressed their support for the Presidency’s ambitions to secure a global deal in Copenhagen.

Meeting yesterday, Finance Ministers had long deliberations on the financing part. Although the Presidency made strong efforts to get all 27 Member States onboard a deal, this issue will now require further discussions among Heads of State and Government. In order to reach an agreement, it’s clear that some Member States will need to make more ambitious commitments.

More positive news are coming from the Environment Ministers, who met in Luxembourg earlier today. The 27 Member States have now agreed to reduce CO2 emissions by 80-95% until 2050. Another important decision was the commitment to reduce EU emissions from air transport by 10% and sea transport by 20%, in the framework of a Copenhagen agreement.

You will find a webcast debate in the Parliament here

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