EU leaders agreed on clarification for Czechs


Today’s session of the European Council is just about to start. This morning, heads of State and Government will continue discussing financing of a global climate agreement. The costs for mitigation and adaptation measures in developing countries will have to be shared between their own efforts, the international market for emission trading and international public funds.

What financial commitment is the European Union ready to make? And how are we to share the costs between the 27 Member States? These two delicate issues will dominate the Council’s agenda today. The Presidency’s aim is to find consensus on as clear a commitment as possible from the Union in light of the upcoming negotiations on a global deal in Copenhagen.

The Lisbon Treaty was moved yet another step closer to its entry into force last night, as European leaders agreed to grant the Czech Republic a clarification, which will satisfy the Czech government and the concerns of the country’s President Vaclav Klaus.

While not at all an ”opt-out” from the entire Charter of Fundamental Rights, as it has sometimes been described, EU leaders agreed that the Czech Republic will accede to the protocol previously agreed for Poland and the UK, which clarifies the contents of the Charter and its relation to national legislation.

It’s also good news that the European Council has endorsed the Baltic Sea Strategy, which was formally adopted at the General Affairs Council on Monday this week.

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