Local ownership of the Lisbon strategy


To create growth and jobs in the EU you need to rethink about how society is organized. During the latest decade the EU has had a strategy for this, called the Lisbon strategy. The aim is to promote EU countries to implement a number of structural reforms so EU can become the world’s most competitive economy, with strong social cohesion and sustainable development. There are ambitious targets and now the strategy is to be reviewed, evaluated, and a new strategy is to be adopted in March 2010.

Foto: Adam Ihse/ExponeraTo prepare for a future strategy, the Swedish presidency has, among others, organized two conferences. For a month ago we talked about the importance of gender equality for growth. During two days in Gothenburg, we are now talking about the importance of regional and local level ownership of the EU’s growth strategy. It is local politicians who know the local contractors and operators, they are responsible for schools and childcare facilities and are they are major employers. Regional representatives know the strengths and weaknesses that exist within the region. We can decide a lot in Brussels, but if the politicians on the local level do not feel ownership and involvement in the different goals and processes in the Lisbon strategy, the decisions will not be implemented. Therefore, it is great fun to gather representatives from local, regional and national level from 26 countries in Gothenburg and discuss this.

On Monday, the General Council, will have a real debate on the Lisbon Strategy’s future with the Commission.

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