New Commission presented


Earlier today, Commission President José Manuel Barroso presented the distribution of responsibilities in the new Commission. You will find the list here For my part, Mr. Barroso has proposed the Home Affairs portfolio, which is to include police cooperation, border control, security issues and asylum and migration.

I am proud to be entrusted with some of the toughest challenges facing the European Union. For me as a liberal, it will be an honour to lead the Union’s fight against cross-border crime and human trafficking, and to put in place a common asylum policy while also creating ways for legal migration to Europe. The EU should also be given a clearer role when Member States are struck by disasters. With the Lisbon Treaty in force, all these areas will have greater importance in the work of the Union.

The Stockholm Programme is a top priority for the Swedish Presidency and deals with issues that really affect citizens. As Commissioner, my task will be to put this into practice. I look forward to cooperating closely with Commissioner Viviane Reding, who is proposed as Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, in order to secure an effective fight against crime and an asylum and migration policy with individual rights at its core.

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