Jobs, crime and climate at European Council


All 27 Heads of State and Government will gather tonight and tomorrow in Brussels for the European Council. Discussions on how to create conditions for new jobs in Europe will on top of the agenda. A new ”EU2020 strategy” is planned to follow on the Lisbon strategy for jobs and growth. Assisted by this strategy, Member States should be encouraged to green their economies, while focusing on sustainable public finances, a better business climate and a knowledge-based economy. The Commission is expected to table a proposal for the new strategy early 2010.

The Stockholm Programme – the new EU plan on Justice and Home Affairs – is to be formally adopted, and the summit will also serve as an opportunity to discuss the current status of the climate negotiations taking place in Copenhagen.

This will be the first EU summit under the Lisbon Treaty, and this involves a few changes. As from now on, the European Council is a formal EU institution of its own, and foreign ministers are no longer present at the summits. This will also be the last summit chaired by the rotating presidency. As from January, the European Council meetings will be chaired by the new permanent President, Herman van Rompuy.

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