Goodbye Strasbourg – for now


One important part of the presidency has been the contacts with the European Parliament and its members. It has mainly been my task as EU-minister, but all ministers ave been in Brussels and Strasbourg to meet with MEPs and participate in debates. Prime Minister has been four times in plenary reporting. All in all ministers have vistited formally, in plenary or committees, 85 times. I have myself participated in 30 debates during the 7 sessions, an also took part in question times and visted three committees. In addition there has been a lot of informal meetings starting with discussions about the election of President Barroso.

It has been great fun dealing with the European Parliament and all future presidencies will have to spend much time there as the Lisbon Treaty gives the EP extended powers and co-legislation. I just got back from Strasbourg but I will soon go there again as my hearing as a commissioner-designate will take place in the LIBE-committee in Strasbourg the 19th of January. There is A LOT to study before this so I will have no problems spending time over Christmas.

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