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Continued negotiations on climate


Friday’s agreement at the European Council on a broad EU-mandate for the UN climate conference in Copenhagen was pleasing and has given us a strong negotiation position. Most importantly, we managed to reach agreement on climate financing, including

  • Endorsing an estimate that cost of mitigation and adaptation in developing countries could amount to 100 billion euros annually per year by 2020.
  •  Estimate that international public support of this overall amount lie between 22 to 50 billion euros per year by 2020.
  • Noting the estimate that a fast start sum is needed for the first three years, 2010-2012, of 5-7 billion euros per year.

We also agreed on principles for an internal burden sharing as regards EU contribution to this international public support, and on technology transfer, adaptation, mitigation and good governance. And not to forget: we agreed on the objective to reduce emissions by 80-95 % by 2050, compared to 1990 levels.

With this new mandate, climate talks proceeds in Barcelona, where environmental minister Andreas Carlgren has arrived together with the chief negotiators from the EU Member States. Tomorrow, an EU delegation including Prime Minister Reinfeldt will also hold talks on climate change with President Obama, before moving on to India for the annual EU-India summit.

The ambition to reach a deal in Copenhagen means a lot of footwork.