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A long road to Copenhagen


The recent weeks has shown that a lot remains in the climate negotiations. To reach a global deal in Copenhagen in December we need a strong leadership. The EU has shown its readiness to take the lead and it is a prioritized issue for the Swedish Presidency. The climate is, however, a global responsibility that is in need of a broad engagement, and much more is to be done.

Yesterday the Swedish Presidency took part in the UN climate summit in New York, with the hope that the world leaders can show a well-needed leadership and political will. It is also important that focus will be on picking up the pace in the international climate negotiations. There are some positive signs coming from China, Japan, and India but it is far too little if we are too reach the 2 degree goal and a decent deal in Copenhagen

Proposals on imposing climate duties and a green Tobin tax has recently been raised by Member States in the EU. This would hardly be the solution: these measures would need a global monitoring mechanism and would be difficult to implement. IThe consequences would, above all, be an increased risk of protectionism. We should rather focus on reaching an international climate agreement with cuts in our emissions of greenhouse gases and financing solutions.